Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

Since the end of September 2017 we have been supporting families and communities in western Puerto Rico in their recovery process after Hurricane Maria. This has been possible thanks to the diverse contributions of individuals, groups and organizations that placed their trust in our work and those who joined the efforts of the BSO.


  • We support the empowerment of communities in their collective processes promoting solidarity, self-management and sustainability, deepening the social transformation for a just, inclusive and equitable society.


  • We promote the self-sustainable development of communities through diverse human resources in order to achieve social, food, economic and cultural sovereignty.

The BSO is a self-managed, community initiative composed of individuals from different organizations, creative spaces and social struggles. Our goal is to support the development of collective processes in communities and promote the efforts of grassroots communities. BSO has been present in Mayagüez, Las Marías, Maricao, Añasco, Cabo Rojo, Lajas, Sabana Grande, San Germán, Lares, Utuado, Jayuya, Aguadilla, Guánica, Guayanilla, Aguada, Moca and more. In addition, they supported CAM in the western region and other community groups in their empowerment effort. At this moment they are designing and offering educational workshops to the communities and supporting the reconstruction of the houses.