Mutual Aid Center Bucarabones Unido— Las Marías, Puerto Rico



The Bucarabones Unidos Mutual Support Center is an integral and self-managed space for the development of educational, recreational and cultural experiences that promote the individual and collective well-being of the community in general.


As a benchmark for community unity, it seeks to build and develop a space to heal and collectively create opportunities to support present and future generations in the face of eventual challenges. In addition, it organizes its future from work based on values of social, economic, cultural and environmental justice.


  • Provide a community kitchen space that encourages the exchange of ideas and the development of attitudes of solidarity towards a healthy and accessible diet.

  • Facilitate the use of learning tools and promote the development of opportunities through technology and the creation of a community library.

  • Encourage recreational activities

  • Provide a space for emotional and recreational support for the elderly population.

  • Provide educational and recreational support to children through the offer of academic tutoring and workshops.

  • Promote the use of agriculture as a method of sustenance..