CAMJI- Bartolo

Mutual Support Center- Jibaro, Bartolo, Lares


CAMJI-BARTOLO is a solidarity initiative for the communities of Calvache, Mirasol, Vilella, Bartolo, Río Prieto and Cerro las Avispas in Lares. Shortly after the passing of Hurricane María people from the community of Bartolo began the rehabilitation of an unused and abandoned school to provide shelter to homeless families and will also serve as a storage center for aid gathering and community kitchen.

Currently the social housing project has 6 families. The rooms are being conditioned to serve as temporary apartments. The soup kitchen will resume in the coming weeks to serve food twice per week to the elderly population. Supply delivery is maintained every Saturday. We are currently organizing  the “núcleos de base” to develop the self-management of groups. Three projects have been identified: agricultural, artisan and coffee theater (project aimed at young people for young people).