CAMJI- Camuy

Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Jibaro-Camuy


Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Jíbaro,  Camuy is a women's agricultural project of the Indigenous Jibaro Taino Movement and sowing cooperative. CAM-JI serve as a center for community meetings, gathering aid and distribution of supplies.

CAM-JI CAMUY arises in response to the intensification of the abandonment and invisibility of rural, jíbaras and indigenous communities before and after Hurricane María. Initiative generated by several communities to face impoverishment conditions in the face of austerity measures, lack of fair work, lack of adequate housing, unhealthy food and lack of health services.

Added to this our agrarian and indigenous rural community faces total economic instability before the loss of crops and seeds and the lack of land possession to cultivate.

Our center operates essentially with jíbaras and indigenous communities to change society and regain access to land and agriculture. Another element that we work is training through training in historical materials studies and the vindication to assume ourselves as native leaders of our communities and promote social changes.

We work from an agro-jihadist feminist solidary economy since our center is led mostly by women who, faced with the need to counteract the impoverishment of the economic impact and the deterioration and / or loss of their jobs and properties, decide to organize and shape a cooperative project of income generation through the sale of agricultural production, medicine and minor products.

La corilla   Los compañeros del Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Jíbaro en Camuy

La corilla
Los compañeros del Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Jíbaro en Camuy