CAMJI- CEta, LAres

Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Jibaro- CETA , Lares


CAMJI CETA is a community-based entity oriented to and from the popular agroecology movement in Puerto Rico, which is fundamentally linked to the agroecological networks of the center and center-west of the island. For 2 years we have organize multiple events, conferences, agricultural brigades, workshops, community cinemas and social dining rooms. We are a territorial, community, agri-food organization framed in the principle of social justice by claiming agrarian communities as nuclei of popular power.

We promote self-management for sustainable development through agroecology or jíbara agriculture as a social and community model. We operate as a collective / cooperative incubator and work projects directed by and located in the communities themselves; supporting the dignifying community empowerment for community social transformation that can resist the structural forces that promote the displacement and emptying of the mountain.

Facing the structural violence suffered by the jíbara communities of the mountain, doubly disrupted by the hurricane and the austerity policies, we promote community sovereignty from 4 interconnected dimensions:

  • food / medicinal sovereignty

  • educational / recreational sovereignty

  • economic sovereignty

  • organizational sovereignty.

We promote the peasant jíbara traditions, cooperative community management, peasant agriculture, ancestral medicine.

We are currently building a jíbara network that integrates community nurseries and farms or conucos of family and / or community scale for the regional production of food and medicine. In the next phase we hope to start a system of CSA (Agricultural Solidarity Food) accessible to the communities that contribute to the construction of our jibara economic sovereignty.