Casa Taller Cangrejera


Casa-Taller is a project of AgitArte that serves as a space for cultural organizing and popular education in arts and agriculture. It serves as a permanent workshop and creative space for the Papel Machete political theater and puppetry collective and is a meeting/work place for groups and organizations doing grassroots work in communities. Since Hurricane María, Casa-Taller has served as a bridge for the distribution of food and supplies to the CAMs and as a Comedor Solidario (collective kitchens) to support members of the Casa-Taller Community and neighbors. AgitArte also established a temporary community outreach project (Proyecto Alcance) to serve lunches to people in need in the Machuchal neighborhood of Santurce until November 2017.

AgitArte helps building the cultural infrastructure of grassroots struggles using street theatre, music, visual arts and political puppetry while also educating and agitating for the social, economic justice, and human rights of the diverse communities of the working class. For the past year AgitArte has been touring Papel Machete Cantastoria “Solidaridad y Sobrevivencia para Nuestra Liberación” presenting in schools  and other public spaces and providing art workshops, healing sessions, Bomba lessons, theater presentations, gardening and sprouts growing workshops at Casa Taller and in most of the Mutual Support Centers. Currently AgitArte is on the streets again with Papel Machete throughout the Island with their new performance |scroll “End the Debt! Decolonize! Liberate!” a participatory art object and cultural response to Hurricane Maria that tells the story of U.S. imperialism through the lens of the current economic and environmental state of Puerto Rico and its diaspora.