Iniciativa Eco-Desarrollo Bahia de Jobos, Salinas


Iniciativa de Eco- Desarrollo Bahía de Jobos  (IDEBAJO) is a non-profit organization formed since 2010 by a coalition of communities and citizen organizations concerned about social inequality and the protection of their natural and cultural heritage. After Hurricane María with members of the community they started a community kitchen that served and distributed lunch from Monday to Thursday to different communities in Salinas, Arroyo and Guayama.  They reactivated a mutual aid project call Constructing Solidarity from Love and Devotion to collaborate to rebuild houses in several communities in the region. They strengthened and put more effort to accelerate an already planned project call Coqui Solar that are working to generates solar communities collectively manage in the region. Idebajo started a radio program call Desde el Barrio to be able to communicate what’s happening in the communities and facilitate a voice for its people.  They still work in different projects concerning environmental justice, community based tourism, intercommunity garden circuits, Fishery villas, community empowerment, among other things.